Gotham by Gaslight

Episode 21

Season 2 of Graphic Novel Explorers Club is here! Join Frances, Dennis, and Johnny as they review Gotham by Gaslight, as written by Brian Augustyn and illustrated by Mike Mignola. This episode was recorded live at Crocker Art Museum’s Crocker-Con. In this episode of Graphic Novel Explorers Club the gang discusses the ties between Gotham by Gaslight and Star Trek: The Original Series; the proper terminology for a group of bats; why even Sigmund Freud could not fix Bruce Wayne; which one of the gang should not speak into a microphone at public events; why Victorian-era Gotham was using the “@” for posting before social media was even a thing; discovering a new way to spoil a comic book’s plot twist; how tragedy always falls on Marlon Wayans, SW1, and the rest of the Wayans; why we need to bring “Brigand” back; will comic books being published 100 years from now ever feature contemporary people like Ted Kazinsky and Jeffrey Dahmer as the nemesis to the hero; and if comic book characters are trapped in hell.

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Featured music:

Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

Tonight Will Be Fine (Leonard Cohen cover) by The Walkmen