The Legend of Luther Strode

Episode 22

Join Dennis, Johnny, and Francis as they review The Legend of Luther Strode, by writer Justin Jordan and artist Tradd Moore. In this episode of Graphic Novel Explorers Club we discuss how Image allows creators to owner their creations; our growing respect for Justin Jordan; “the first pancake”; if the character of Tom from Godfather I and II is paid homage in the pages of The Legend of Luther Strode; just how does Luther Strode find the bad guys he is out to hurt and kill; the possible names of bosses Luther Strode will face in the future: The Author, The Publisher, The Back-Rubber; our feelings about the changes to character designs; if Preacher may have desensitized us to the gore of the Luther Strode series; which character is the Dog the Bounty of the series; the possible influence that The Family Circus may or many not have had on The Legend of Luther Strode; and the appearance of a character from Gotham by Gaslight.

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