Everything is Flammable

Episode 26

Please join Johnny, Frances, and Dennis in this episode of Graphic Novel Explorers Club as they discuss Everything is Flammable, by writer and illustrator Gabrielle Bell. Everything is Flammable is the memoir comic of Gabrielle Bell returning to her Northern California to help her mother after her house burns down. In this episode the gang discusses Gabrielle Bell’s publishing history, including self-published mini-comics; the frustration and sympathies the gang experienced with the main character; the juxtaposition of life in New York the life her mother lives in Mendocino County; burning your house down by way of your pants; the intentions of the pre-fab salesman; if Angela and Tony ever got married; the potential sequel called Everything is Inflammable and the gangs’ opinions on the storying telling and the art of Everything is Flammable.

Everything is Flammable by Gabrielle Bell

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