Episode 27

Please join Frances, Dennis, Johnny in this episode of Graphic Novel Explorers Club as they discuss Generations by writer and illustrator Flavia Biondi. Generations is the story of a young man named Matteo returning to his childhood home in southern Italy to stay with his family after a relationship ends. While staying with his aunts, grandmother, and pregnant cousin, he tries to figure out his future. In this episode the gang discusses the protagonist Matteo’s return to his small town after his relationship with an older man in Milan fails; the process of growing up that Matteo goes through while assisting his grandmother while her health fails; the friendship of Francesco and Matteo and how it parallels some of the friendships in Everything is Flammable; how Matteo’s preconceptions about his father’s preconceptions were missed on Matteo; the process of reconciliation and healing Matteo, his father, aunts, and cousin go through to become family again; and our opinions on the storying telling and the art of Generations.

Generations by Flavia Biondi

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