Spill Zone

Episode 33

Join Johnny and Dennis for this Summer Special episode of Graphic Novel Explorers Club as they discuss Spill Zone by author Scott Westerfeld and illustrator Alex Puvilland. They are joined by special guest and cosplayer November. Spill Zone is the story of a young woman and her younger sister living on the outskirts of a small town that is quarantined because of strange things happening inside of its boarders.

In this episode the gang discusses the reasons why November chose this book for us to read; why the military and government allowed the main character Addison and her younger sister Lexa to remain so close to a quarantined area; the five rules Addison to stay safe while she is visiting the zone; why you do not want to interact with any cats or rats in this comic book; the strange relationship that Lexa has with her dolls; the reasons to read the prequel series Night Zone; the questions raised by Addison and Lexa’s relationship with Lexa’s doll Veserptine; which character in the book wears Drakkar cologne; the dangerous position Addison puts herself to get photos of the Spill Zone for a collector; the weird turn of events inside of the Spill Zone at the end of the book; and the storytelling and the art of Spill Zone.

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Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

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