The Dark Knight Returns

Episode 35

Join Johnny and Dennis in this Summer Special episode of Graphic Novel Explorers Club as they discuss the seminal comic book The Dark Knight Returns. Our special guest host is comedian Robert Berry. In addition to being a standup comedian, he created the website Retrocrush.

The Dark Knight Returns is the story of an older Bruce Wayne and Batman returning to crime fighting several years after hanging up his cowl. It is written and illustrated by Frank Miller.

In this episode the gang discusses the era of Batman comic books when The Dark Knight Returns debuted; the early leanings of Frank Miller’s harsher world view he has come to exhibit later in life; the redemption and fall of Harvey Dent; the influence this book had on live-action TV and movie versions of Batman; the evolution of the Batmobile to the Bat-Tank; the possible tactical reasons Robin is always a child and wears a bright costume; the brutal tactics Batman uses later in his life; the argument that this Batman is the result of a Bruce Wayne’s midlife crisis; The Joker and Batman’s final showdown in the Tunnel of Love; Superman’s role in the government and how that plays out with Batman; why you can mess with the “Maggia” but not the Mafia; and the storytelling and the art of The Dark Knight Returns.

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Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

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