The Legacy of Luther Strode

Episode 39

Join Dennis, Johnny, and Frankie as the take a look at The Legacy of Luther Strode, the final book in Luther Strode Trilogy. The Legacy of Luther Strode is by writer Justin Jordan and artist Tradd Moore. The Luther Strode Trilogy is the story of a young man who desires to be powerful and quickly learns that not everything you want is worth having.

In this episode the gang discusses the the journey of Luther Strode and Petra, his girlfriend and sidekick, from The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, the first book in the series, to The Legacy of Luther Strode; if the characters have become caricatures or are still fully fleshed out; if Tradd Moore was going through a dry spell during creation of this book; what you would get if you crossed Revolver Ocelot with a Rastifarian and The Man with No Name; why Rodimus Prime didn’t show up in this story; how if Conservatives have Voldemort, then Liberals have Thanos; and finally the storytelling and art of The Legacy of Luther Strode.

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Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

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