The Flintstones, Vol. 1

Episode 40

Join Johnny, Dennis, and guest host Anthony Siino (you remember him from Episode 36) as they take a look at The Flintstones, Vol. 1, by writer Mark Russell and artist Steve Pugh. The Flintstones, Vol. 1 was published by DC as part of the Hanna-Barbera Beyond imprint. This comic is a modern spin on the prehistoric family we all know so well, granting us a glimpse of how civilization possibly began (including Imperialism, Religion, and Capitalism).

In this episode the gang discusses how Fred and Barney are more like The Rock than Jackie Gleason in this iteration; if this book sits well with people who like to red hats; if this version of the Flintstones was made into a cartoon, who would voice the characters; the many subversive and poignant critiques the book makes about society; the amazing number of throwaway lines in this book that would be stars in other comics; the Batman path Anthony takes us down; and finally the storytelling and art of The Flintstones, Vol 1.

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Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

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