Ripple: A Predilection for Tina

Episode 45

Join Johnny, Frances, and Dennis as they discuss Ripple: A Predilection for Tina, by Dave Cooper. The book was originally published in 2004 but is now published by Fantagraphics Books. Ripple is the tumultuous story of Martin and Tina, who come together at first as artist and model, but later begin a confusing and antagonistic sexual relationship.

Episode 45 is Ripple: A Predilection for Tina

In this episode the gang discusses what separates art from pornography; the comparisons that can be made between Martin and Humbert Humbert; why one does not want to read this book on Ash Wednesday; why this is the worse mea culpa of all time if that’s what it is; and last but not least, the storytelling and art of Ripple: A Predilection for Tina.

We bring season 3 of the podcast to an end with this episode but we’ll be back in a few weeks with our Summer Special series. We hope you have a good summer!

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Featured music:

Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

Tonight Will Be Fine (Leonard Cohen cover) by The Walkmen

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