What If… Wolverine Was an Agent of SHIELD?

Episode 47

Join Johnny and Dennis (Frankie is on a secret mission for SHIELD) in another Grab Bag episode that kicks off our our Summer Special. This episode of your favorite comic book podcast covers What If… Wolverine Was an Agent of SHIELD?, by writer Jim Valentino and artist Rob Liefeld. This issue was originally published in 1989 by Marveld. What If… Wolverine Was an Agent of SHIELD? takes place outside of the normal Marvel Universe and posits what would happen if Wolverine was a SHIELD Agent instead of a member of the X-Men team.

What If Wolverine Was an Agent of SHIELD

In this episode of the podcast Dennis and Johnny discuss why What If issues of Marvel comics were great for a young Dennis and other readers; that time Spider-Man killed Wolverine’s girlfriend (or did Johnny remember that incorrectly); the often unhappy endings for most of the What If… stories; the history and career of Rob Liefeld and his illustrating tropes ; Nick Furry Vs. Nick Fury; if helicarriers were inspired by disco balls; if Black Widow inspired Peggy Bundy’s hairstyle (or vice versa); the controversial conclusion to the story; and last but not least, the storytelling and art of What If… Wolverine Was an Agent of SHIELD.

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Featured music:

Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

Tonight Will Be FineĀ (Leonard Cohen cover) by The Walkmen

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