Superman: Red Son

Episode 49

Join Johnny and Dennis (Frankie was out covering a story for the Daily Planet when we did our recording) in the final episode of our 2019 Summer Special. This episode of the graphic novel podcast looks at Superman: Red Son, by writer Mark Miller and a number of artists. This three-issue series was originally published in 2003 by DC under the Elseworld imprint. Superman: Red Son takes place outside of the normal DC universe. The story posits how different Superman would be if he grew up in Communist Russia instead of the United States of America.

Superman Red Son Graphic Novel Podcast

In this episode of the podcast Dennis and Johnny discuss why Superman chooses Lois Lane over Wonder Woman; the inevitable deaths of Martha and Thomas Wayne; why Superman should not be treating anyone who has been poisoned; the chances of Lex Luthor being a good person if Superman never came to Earth; why landing a job at this version of STAR Labs isn’t such a good thing; if writers will ever allow Batman and Superman to get along again; the Ray Stantz of Superman: Red Son; the amazing twist that Mark Millar wrote; and last but not least, the storytelling and art of Superman: Red Son.

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Featured music:

Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

Tonight Will Be Fine (Leonard Cohen cover) by The Walkmen

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