Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

Episode 53


Greetings, Explorers! Dennis, Johnny, and Frankie are going head-to-head in this steel cage, winner-take-all match of Graphic Novel Explorers Club! The gang takes a look at Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia – A Date with Destiny in this episode. OH YEAH, BROTHER! Starburns Industries Press is the publisher, with the story by Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel, and art by Dan Schkade. Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia concerns one “Rock ‘N’ Roll” Rory Landell, a pro-wrestler in the AWF (this world’s version of the WWF) with a major chip on his shoulder. However, Little does “Rock ‘N’ Roll” Rory know that when he declares himself the Galactic Champion of the Universe that the citizens of Wrestletopia are listening to him. They don’t take the challenge lightly either.

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Our Explorers discuss why you don’t challenge the entire universe to a wrestling match; the trauma of discovering professional wrestling is fake; contemplating the influence of WWF (not the WWE) and G.L.O.W. on the creators of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia; a childhood full of Figure 4 Leg Locks and Camel Clutches; the misrepresentation of Ewoks by Lucasfilm in Return of the Jedi; having enough belief in yourself to have a shirt made that identifies yourself as your own number one fan; how exactly does one deal with a coworker they dislike when you are a professional wrestler; the wonderful character names in the comic book; and, finally, the storytelling and art of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia.

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Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

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