Fab4 Mania

Episode 63

Greetings, Explorers! Lend me your ear for our season 4 finale and we’ll review you a graphic novel called Fab4 Mania. The story was written and illustrated by Carol Tyler. Fantagraphics Books published the story in 2018. The story is a recreation of Tyler’s childhood diary and her love, -nay, obsession- with The Beatles as a 13-year-old girl in 1965. Her dream throughout the book is to see The Beatles live.

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Frankie, Dennis, and Johnny start by discussing the similarities (and differences) between My Favorite Thing Is Monsters to Fab4 Mania. For instance, both stories were published by Fantagraphics Books and share perspectives of being told by children. Secondly, Frankie tells tales about the legendary Chef-Boyardee Pizza Pie Kit from the 1960s. Finally, they discuss how Splendor in the Grass did for pizza what 9 1/2 Weeks did for ice cubes.

Further topics include the difference between parenting in the 60s versus the 21st Century; the parallels between The Wonder Years, Stand By Me, and Fab4 Mania; if Frankie and Johnny’s love of Paula Abdul compares to Tyler’s love of The Beatles; and last, but not least, the storytelling and art of Fab4 Mania.

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