The Authority/Lobo: Holiday Hell

Episode 69

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Happy Holidays, Explorers! Join the gang as they take a look at The Authority/Lobo: Holiday Hell. Keith Giffen, Alan Grant, Tom Peyer, and Will Pfeifer wrote the stories. Art by Simon Bisley, Scott Iwahashi, and Cary Nord. DC Comics published the book in 2018.

The stories that make up the two parts of the book are The Lobo Paramilitary Christams Special and The Authority Vs. Lobo — Jingle Hell. In the first story, a rival of Santa Claus contracts Lobo to take him out. In the second story, Jenny, a little girl, discovers what Lobo did to Santa. She enlists The Authority to get revenge on Lobo for Santa’s demise.

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Dennis and Johnny (Frankie was up at the North Pole) kick things off by discussing why it’s so much fun when the North Pole is portrayed as a paramilitary operation; if Santa, Saddam Hussein, and Tony Montana all hired the same decorator; and if the art reflects how Lobo sees existence. Furthermore, they look into the time DC tried to make a My Chemical Romance Lobo instead of a White Zombie Lobo.

Further topics include the fight between Lobo and Santa; Wildstorm comics; the overall fun of this holiday book; the joy of Elseworld stories, the fun warning at the beginning of the book; DC’s successes and missteps; and last, but not least, the storytelling and art of The Authority/Lobo: Holiday Hell.

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Graphic Novel Explorers Club, Comic Book Podcast, Graphic Novel Podcast
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