The Incal: Classic Collection

Episode 74

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Greetings, Explorers! The gang takes a look at The Incal: Classic Collection in this episode. Story by Alejandro Jodorowsky and art by Mæbius. Set in a dystopian world, a detective named John DiFool finds his life in constant peril after discovering “The Incal”. Self-centered and incompetent, DiFool not only must save his own skin, he must face the fact that the survival of the entire universe rests on his shoulders. The story begins as a neo-noir detective story before turning into a worlds-hopping sci-fi story.

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Dennis, Johnny, and guest host Jake (Frankie needed a new Multipass) chat about the influence The Incal: Classic Collection had on Sci-Fi and pop culture. Next, they discuss the comic’s origins with Jodorowsky’s abandoned Dune movie. Last, they ask if Ralph Bakshi or Rankin/Bass would have benefited from turning the series into an animated movie. Additional topics include what the possibleoffspring of  Æon Flux and Tintin; a call back to Episode 35;  Jodoworsky’s tarot deck collection; the unofficial trailer; and last, but not certainly not least, the storytelling and art of The Incal: Classic Collection.

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Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

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