Ms. Marvel

Episode 91

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Greetings, Explorers! We’re traveling to Jersey City to take a look at Ms. Marvel – No Normal Vol 1. Marvel Comics published the comic book in 2014. G. Willow Wilson wrote the story with art by Adrian Alphona. Additional contributions as follows: color by Ian Herring and lettering by Letter VCā€™s Joe Caramagna.

Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American high school student who is a fan of Captain Marvel. Kamala lives in Jersey City with her older brother and parents. She struggles with finding the balance between her parents’ native Pakistani heritage while also growing up as an American teenager. Kamala soon finds herself dealing with new powers that don’t come with an instruction manual. Parties, rescuing classmates, studying for tests, stopping a crime ring… what’s Ms. Marvel to do?

Episode 91 of Graphic Novel Explorers Club - Ms. Marvel - No Normal, Vol. 1 by G. Willow Wilson

Johnny, Aubrey, and Dennis begin things by fawning all over Ms. Marvel. Next, Dennis enlightens the gang about Terrigen Bombs and how one becomes an Inhuman. Finally, they look at Kamala’s journey toward accepting who she is when so many push her to be an “other”. Additional topics include polymorphic alloys and polymorphic humans; and pigs with wings. Last of all, but not certainly not least, they look at the storytelling and art of Ms. Marvel – No Normal, Vol 1.

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Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

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Ms. Marvel – Transcript

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