The Good Asian

Episode 92

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Greetings, Explorers! Yeah, see. We’re takin’ a look at The Good Asian. Image Comics published the comic in 2021. Yeah, see. Pornsak Pichetshote wrote the story with art by Alexandre Tefenkgi. Additional contributions as follows, ya mug: color by Lee Loughridge and lettering & design by Jeff Powell. Historical consultation by Grant Din.

Set in 1936, Eddy Hark is a Chinese-American cop. Actually, he’s the first Chinese-American cop in the country. Eddy returns to San Francisco at the request of the wealthy Carroway family. He’s in town investigating the disappearance of a young woman employed by the family. The Carroways¬† and Eddy Hark have a difficult relationship. His mother was their servant and they took him in after she was murdered.¬† Eddy’s disliked by his fellow police and not trusted by the Asian-American community he serves. Finally, no one hates Eddy as much he hates himself for being a pawn in America’s anti-Chinese policies of the early 20th Century.

Episode 92 of Graphic Novel Explorers Club - The Good Asian by PORNSAK PICHETSHOTE

Aubrey, Dennis, and Johnny begin things by looking back at their histories with noir and mystery novels. Next, they learn about Chang Apana, the real-life inspiration for Eddy (and Charlie Chan). Finally, they delve into the author’s mix of real-world events like the Chinese Exclusion Act in The Good Asian. Additional topics include Eddy’s self-loathing; the language of the times the book takes place in; noir tropes; and if America will ever stop “othering” people. Last of all, but not certainly not least, they look at the storytelling and art of The Good Asian.

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The Good Asian, Vol. 1 – Transcript

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