The Hosts of Graphic Novel Explorers Club

Frances Preziosi (Frankie P.)

Frances discovered graphic novels at a time when pop bands and glitter shadow ruled the world. The medium provided her an alternative view point and she’s happy to share how these stories helped shaped her life.


Dennis Supachana (Dennis S.)

Dennis is all business during the day, and SUPA dad/husband by night. He developed a love for graphic novels at the young age of 10 and has been reading them ever since. He’s excited to share his love of the genre with you, our valued listeners.

Johnny Flores (Johnny F.)

Johnny, not John, has combined his love of comics and podcasting to bring you the GNEC Podcast. His passion for art, staying up late, and discussing comics is contagious and graphic novel fans alike will respect his keen observations.

The Gang were guests on Insight with Beth Ruyak. Go listen by clicking here.

Johnny was on Insight with Beth Ruyak to chat about podcasting and his other show, Serious Talk. Seriously., ending with the 200th episode.