Too Much Coffee Man

Episode 24

Francis, Dennis, and Johnny discuss Parade of Tirade, a collection of the classic comic book and newspaper series Too Much Coffee Man, by writer and artist Shannon Wheeler. This episode of Graphic Novel Explorers Club has two “firsts” ever for the podcast: Guest host John Flores, who is Johnny’s dad, AND it was recorded live at Oblivion Comics & Coffee in Sacramento, CA.

Join the gang as they discuss Too Much Coffee Man selling Converse All-Stars. Next, they look at how this book is almost the epitome of the 90s. Finally, they chat about how this is the first comic that our guest host read in over 40 years.

Other topics include the funny way one character’s significant other maneuvers to get out of their relationship; the purity of creating for the sake of creation; how The Cliché was a cliché of comics of the 90s; how Too Much Coffee Man’s creator Shannon Wheeler messed with his audience and pulled a Traveling Wilburys on them; how art can make you lonely but the loneliness is worth the art; how we thought this book was going to be more like Red Meat only to be proven wrong; how the graphic novel brought up memories of The Maxxx, Liquid TV, Reality Bites, and Empire Records; and our final thoughts on the comic book.

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Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

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