X-Men Grand Design

Episode 30

Please join Frances, Dennis, and Johnny in this episode of Graphic Novel Explorers Club as they discuss X-Men Grand Design by writer and artist Ed Piskor. The comic book is a labor of love from Ed Piskor, who illustrated and combined famous and obscure storylines from the rich history of Marvel’s X-Men comic book series.

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First,  the gang discusses the gang discusses the often brutal and violent beginning of the X-Men. Next, they try to determine who book was intended audience of this comic might be. Finally, they chat about the density of Wolverine’s body hair as drawn by Ed Piskor. Other topics include “bald smart guy” and “guy with knives for hands”; the comparison between X-Men Grand Design and The Walkmen’s album “Pussy Cats” Starring the Walkmen; our recommendation of Marvels as a companion piece to be read with this book; and last, but not least, our opinions about the storying telling and art of X-Men Grand Design.

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Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

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