Grab Bag

Episode 34

Join Dennis and Johnny in this episode of Graphic Novel Explorers Club as they discuss the comic books Dennis purchased in a grab bag from Dimple Records in our hometown of Sacramento.

In this Grab Bag episode the gang discusses the “exciting” adventure of the Avengers being stuck in an elevator; spending time with Jarvis as he tries to get coffee going for the Avengers; the time Beast tried to get Wonder Man a date; how much exposition there was in comic books back in the 80s; the time Ms. Marvel gave Scarlet Witch advice on whether or not she should get pregnant; an insider’s look at how the Avengers collated their forms; the marvelous junk sold at the back of old comic books; the artistic difference between the simplistic character drawings of the 80s versus the extremely muscular characters of the 90s; the discovery of a strange DC comic called Angel Love; and the storytelling and the art of these comic books from previous generations.

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Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

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