Money Shot, Vol. 1

Episode 76

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Greetings, Explorers! The gang gets its rocks off with Money Shot, Vol. 1.  In the near future, science and space travel is mostly ignored much of the world. As a result,  Dr. Christine Ocampo and her team of scientists crowdfund their experiments and space travel by also shooting porn. With their followers’ donations funding the team’s scientific experiments, they journey across the universe to film their sexual escapades with each other and the aliens they meet. Story by Sarah Beattie and Tim Seeley. Art by Rebekah Isaacs. Published by Vault Comics.

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Johnny, Dennis, and guest host Jake about the parallel between Money Shot, Vol. 1 and the early days of the Kinsey Institute. Next, they discuss how this series compares to a similar story, like Sex Criminals, or one more graphic in nature, like Ripple. Last, they find out what happens when you have a spaceship full of Kirks, Rikers, and Vulcans in full pon farr. Additional topics include “this book is horny”; the repercussions of posting childhoods on social media; the variety of body types found in the comic; Dick-fu; sex positivity; and last, but not certainly not least, the storytelling and art of Money Shot, Vol. 1.

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Songe d’Automne by Latche Swing

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