Everyone is Tulip

Episode 80

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Greetings, Explorers! We’re kicking off our 2021 Summer Special with Everyone is Tulip, published by Dark Horse Comics.┬áCo-creators Nicole Goux and Dave Baker sit down with us to discuss their comic book, which debuted June 17 in comic book shops and June 29 in book stores. Nicole illustrated comics like Shadow of the Batgirl, Fuck Off Squad, Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions 3, and numerous covers. Dave Baker wrote Fuck Off Squad, The Action Hospital, Star Trek: Voyager – Seven’s Reckoning, Suicide Forest, and worked for 20th Century Fox Home Video, Universal, and Disney XD. Last of all, Nicole and Dave co-created Fuck Off Squad and Forest Hills Bootleg Society, which will debut at Simon and Schuster in 2022.

Everyone is Tulip is the story of Becca, a young woman who moves from a small town to Los Angeles to follow her dreams of becoming a famous actress. However, instead of becoming an actress, Becca becomes a YouTube star. She must navigate fandom (some good, some toxic), compromises, modern technology, and the idea of pure art versus successful art as everything around her changes due to her sudden fame.

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Nicole and Dave enlighten Dennis and Johnny about the world of YouTube performance art. Next, they converse about the way cell phone technology became integral to our daily lives, for better or for worse. Finally, they dive into the personalities and motivations for the characters in the book. Additional topics include Shitty Watchmen; that time the Avengers got stuck in an elevator; Dave explains Laz’s vs. Britney’s; cleaning up the Holodeck after it’s been “used”; and last, but not certainly not least, the storytelling and art of Everyone is Tulip.

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