Doctor Strange: The Oath

Episode 90

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Greetings, Explorers! Will you dare enter the Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Strange: The Oath? Marvel Comics published Doctor Strange: The Oath in 2007. Brian K. Vaughan wrote the story with art by Marcos Martin. Additional contributions as follows: Inks by Alvaro Lopez, color by Javier Rodriguez, and lettering by Willie Schubert.

The story concerns Doctor Strange trying to save Wong’s life by tracking down a mysterious elixir. However, at the same time, Doctor Strange must figure who is trying to kill him (and why) while he’s searching for the cure to Wong’s illness. Finally, is it possible Doctor Strange’s past behavior and decision making are catching up with him?

Episode 90 of Graphic Novel Explorers Club - Doctor Strange: The Oath by Brian K. Vaughan.

First, Dennis, Johnny, and Aubrey dive into the history of Wong, both in Marvel comics and the MCU. Next, the gang examines why Marvel heroes insist on calling a doctor “nurse” instead of doctor. Finally, they dive into the motivation of the protagonist(s) of this story. Additional topics include why don’t rich heroes chip in to help poor heroes; the Trolley Problem at the center of the story; when writers should know better; why you don’t recruit minions from Angie’s List; and what Joel and Doctor Strange share in common. Last of all, but not certainly not least, they look at the storytelling and art of Doctor Strange: The Omen.

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